JS Phlebotomy provides a home visit service. I also run a Clinic on a Wednesday in Framlingham Suffolk if you prefer have your tests done in my clinic. Private blood tests As a mobile phlebotomist I am able to carry out a home blood test requested by a practitioner ordered from online laboratories. These tests can be carried out in the comfort of your own home or place of work. Centrifuge When a test requires a sample of serum or plasma, laboratories often request that the sample be centrifuged in order to achieve accurate test results. I am able to provide a straightforward blood centrifuge service which allows me to spin in your own home.


Terms and Conditions for Phlebotomy Single blood draw £35.00 Blood draw with centrifuge £60.00 Additional blood tests carried out at the same appointment £10.00 – £25 each depending on the complexity of the draw Mileage for Home Visits 60p per mile Before you attend your blood test: You will have ordered a blood test from an online laboratory or a practitioner who will have organised this for you. You should have received the blood test kit in the post which will contain a requisition form and instructions which will inform you whether the sample needs to be centrifuged or not before being returned to the laboratory. If returning urine samples as well with your blood samples, please check whether they need freezing before they can be posted so that you are fully prepared. Sometimes plasma/serum may also need to be frozen with some Genova tests in which case leave the urine in the freezer, then take the serum/plasma back to your home and freeze and the lab usually suggest collection the next day – please do read your paperwork carefully. If this is a home visit, I will make sure I have everything I need to safely take your blood sample and centrifuge if needed. I will complete the paperwork and ask you to check and sign any necessary documents and package up where able to. Please notify me of the following:- • Do you have any issues with blood draws i.e. difficult to see veins, very small veins or have to have a hand draw. • Have you had chemotherapy? • Are you on blood thinners? Hints and Tips:- Make sure you are warm for the appointment i.e. wear a jumper as it just means your veins will be easier to find. Make sure you are well hydrated even if it’s a fasting blood test. Water is fine – again it helps with the draw and veins being easier to locate. The draw itself shouldn’t be painful although you may feel a scratch sensation as the needle goes in. Paediatric Phlebotomy: I am able carry out phlebotomy for those under the age of 16 and will take my time to ensure your child is as relaxed as they can be. Payment:- Appointments are to be paid for at the time of the appointment either cash or by card. Cancellation Policy:- Should you need to change or postpone your appointment please give at least 48 hours notice, so that your slot can be offered to someone else. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the consultation charge.


Mrs Jayne Smith Email- Mobile number 07508 8 42463